I made a useful fix to the navbars compact layout today. I had...

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I made a useful fix to the navbars compact layout today. I had tried to do this previously but I couldn't get it working, and I found the code on StackOverFlow.com to get it working. Now the button appears attached to the search field, and not below it on mobile. This makes for a really sleek layout that I think is better looking than it was before. I also updated the Favicon to the new logo and added a new Apple Touch icon, so if you have the site saved on your device you'll see the icon now.

I've been mostly developing the site on the production server and testing it as I go, but I'm going to do some work developing the site on my local computer because I want to add more complex features. When I add groups, they will be closed and moderated sections of the site open by invite and request. Invites will go through messages and only users who are invited or accepted into a group will be allowed to post and send messages to the group. Group posts and messages will be viewable in a /group/ page followed by the group name.

Posted at 02-23-2021 12:01:21

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