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I'm running a small advertising campaign for this site in the hopes it will bring people to my music, apps, and writing. Through Google Ads, I should see some return on investment for my work. I'm using Facebook and Google for this campaign, running a short video ad with Google and Facebook feed ads. I'm still working on this video ad, but it should be ready today so hopefully, I will start seeing results soon.

Running a successful marketing campaign can be difficult, especially without experience, but it's not impossible. The main tip I would say is helpful for digital marketers is to keep the ads targeted. Targeted ads lead to a higher conversion rate when they are set up correctly. I target the ads for my websites to users who are interested in electronic music, puzzle games, and online communities. I hope that this will bring people to this community and my work here can encourage people to post their own content as well.

It's pretty easy to get set up with an account on Uglek, just hit the join button in the upper righthand corner of the site (tap the hamburger if you're using a mobile device) and fill out a simple form. I'm aiming for ease of use and simplicity for this site, that's the main idea.

Posted at 02-23-2021 12:01:21

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