I noticed I missed a few icons when I added icons to the site...

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I noticed I missed a few icons when I added icons to the site earlier today.
I think I added all of them now, the user icon to the comments and messages and a search icon to the search button. I also fixed the follow/unfollow icon, which required turning the input into a button. All the hard work has paid off, however, and now the site has beautiful icons. I used icons for most of the buttons save for submit buttons on forms, which are a little more involved to add icons to. I think those can stay as they are for now though, I'm not worried about them. Overall I think the site is looking really good, I'm ready to add more content and implement more features every day. One feature I want to implement is a group feature that allows users to join and post in private groups. I'm always looking to add more features too.

Posted at 02-25-2021 11:04:07

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