I wrote a song the year before last which was on my Spotify...

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I wrote a song the year before last which was on my Spotify profile for a while but isn't anymore. This is because my profile was vandalized and I had to set up a new one. Despite this, the song will be back on my new profile in the near future. I have attached the song below if you would like to give it a listen.

I wrote this song using sampled strings, bass, and drums. It's a simple melody but the vocals are expertly crafted around it and it has a nice flow and feel to it. It's nice to listen to, with the cello and bass melding perfectly ahead of a persistent drum beat and upbeat vocals. With a fairly high BPM, it's a fast-paced and entertaining journey into the world of my music.

Listen to the song on your streaming platform of choice when it's released on February 27th at https://ditto.fm/make-amends-i...


Posted at 02-22-2021 00:33:44

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intersex says:

@LucasBear is listening with ❤️

Posted at 02-22-2021 01:34:39

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