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My name is Jasper Camber Holton. I am the developer of, and I am also the singer, musician, and writer of

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I received my royalties from RouteNote over PayPal today. This totaled $64.72, some of which was from a year ago or longer. This is an awesome step for my early content, and it's great to see people appreciate the music. These royalties are mostly coming from one song, Overture, and I plan to continue promoting this song. I will post updates here about how the payments runs go as they happen. My next payment run will be early next month, which already isn't so far away.

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I was paid from RouteNote today for my first music project, Jean Jasper. They paid me $58.36 for 26,742 streams or about $0.0021823349 per stream. After a cost per stream of $0.00698, my net profit per stream was $0.0014843349 and $39.6940838958 so far. This doesn't seem like a lot, but I have over 260,000 streams on my first song, "Overture", which should pay around $400 for the streams I have so far according to these calculations. I'm going to invest the royalties I have made so far back into this music and continue letting the money grow. Within the next few months, I will have exponentially more royalties from my music as I have had some spikes in revenue. Attached is a graph of my streaming royalties from RouteNote. This includes all streams, which I mostly see on Spotify, NetEase, Instagram, and Facebook.

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Before I migrated over to the new version of this site, I had a contact list of 91 emails registered with Uglek. I sent out an email to those people asking them to create a new account and see the new changes on the site, and letting them know what's going on with the accounts. I hope people will sign up for the site again, I know it's a bother having to confirm your email but it really helps keep the site secure and I couldn't make it secure any better way. The captcha and email verification are what keeps the site only available to real people like you and me.

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I made another (better) video about Uglek today, click the play button below to see. I hope you enjoy it!

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I have successfully made a topic page at This page shows all topics which currently have posts and will be updated as new posts are made. It's a good way to see everything that is on the site all in one place! After I make sure it is ready I will link it elsewhere on the site. This is also my 100th post! It's great to see I have created so much content and shared it here.

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Looking forward to being paid from RouteNote in a few days. This is a breakdown of my streams by territory. As you can see, I am most popular in the United States, with a few listeners in Europe and other parts of the world.

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Another photo from Twin Falls in Washington This is a stairway leading down to a view of the falls. It's a really beautiful hike, and fairly easy elevation.

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I have done some work on the welcome page, adding icons to help describe what this site does and how to use it. I hope this will be helpful to new users seeing the site for the first time and returning users not sure how to use the site. You can see the page at….

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I will be able to cash out my royalties from music streams on RouteNote in 2 or 3 days. The payment should be around 300 dollars and I will have a steady income from this for a while. My oldest project does make some money and actually gets paid better than my pop music. I am posting about my payment runs because I am trying to be more transparent with my royalties and show you how I earn money from my music. This site also made the first dollar today. I'll be sure to post stats as the site gets more income. It's exciting to post more content here and see people interacting with it, and I hope to see this site grow with me.

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