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My name is Jasper Camber Holton. I am the developer of, and I am also the singer, musician, and writer of

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I make 3D models sometimes in my spare time. The way I do this is pretty unique, I draw them by writing code in software called OpenScad ( This may seem complicated, but it's easier than it looks. With some shapes, such as this vase, designing the model is much easier with code than by hand or by using another CAD software. This is because it's easy to create a sine wave shape and manipulate it with code (it's just a simple function to draw the vase). This model and more can be viewed in 3D on my website at… I'll post more interesting models here and on the above website as I create them. What should I draw next?

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Welcome to Uglek! For the users who were on here previously, I am sorry about the content that was removed. At first, I didn't have a captcha so the feed filled up with content from bots which were difficult to remove. Inevitably this led me to reset the website and delete the posts with it. I'm sorry if your content was deleted! Please rest assured the website is well up and running now and no more content will be deleted. Thanks for your interest in Uglek! Feel free to write your own posts here with whatever topic you like. I will interact with posts here, like and comment on them, and I will follow active users too! Enjoy

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