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My name is Jasper Camber Holton. I am the developer of, and I am also the singer, musician, and writer of

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This is a popular song from my last album by Jasper Camber. It's a three-minute-long melody of several synthesizers and drums. I wrote this song this year, during the pandemic. This album is composed mostly of songs I wrote this year. The album is probably my best yet and is so far the third album I have released. I plan to release more albums this year, with singles in between. As usual, I am putting together my albums from the best of the content I create.

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This was my second most popular song on Spotify yesterday. I wrote this song in 2019, and I released it months later in 2020 after deciding it was sufficient in quality to release. It's somewhat repetitive, but the instruments build off of each other in a compelling melody. This song was written when I was less experienced with creating music like this, so it shows some of my older styles. It's not as developed as some of my newer work, and not as perfect, but it still is an enjoyable listen which maintains popularity almost a year after its release. Click the link to listen to the song on Spotify or add it to your playlists -…

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Attached is a new song, "Lookout" by Jasper Camber. This is a song I was on the fence about releasing. I wrote it last week, and I liked it, but I wasn't sure it was ready yet. I decided to release it anyway, as I like how it sounds and I think you will enjoy it. I have attached the song to this post. The song is an instrumental meld of synthesizer, drums, strings, and more. I tuned the synth I used, Pigments, to create wavy, pulsating chords which flowed nicely with the strings and drums. I am releasing this song on Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, and more stores on April 27. I plan to put together another album in the near future, but for now, I am releasing some of what I have and working on making more new content. I am also releasing another instrumental song on April 30, and I'll post about that later this week. Please give the song below a listen by clicking the play button below the image.

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This is my most popular song recently, called "Exploring" by Jasper Camber. This song is an instrumental featuring a lot of low percussive synthesizer and gripping bass. This song is an enjoyable listen and is steadily gaining popularity on Spotify. Spotify is making me hundreds of dollars a week, as I have over 250,000 streams, and I will be paid for that several months from now. I'm looking forward to releasing more exciting content like this and watching my listeners and streams grow. I now have over 100,000 monthly listeners on each of my profiles, with Jasper Camber still being the most popular.

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My payment run for Ditto Music from my two profiles Jasper Camber and Intersex was yesterday. Jasper Camber made $66.63 for 33,511 streams, which comes out to $0.00198830234 per stream. My cost per stream was $0.000698 so I made $0.00129030234 per stream. This means I made about $43.24 in adjusted profit from this profile. My other profile, Intersex, made $70.49 for 37,677 streams, which comes out to $0.00187090267 per stream. This means I made an adjusted profit of $0.00117290267 per stream and $44.19 for these streams. I made $87.43 so far in royalties from January, and my next payment run, from RouteNote, will be on the 15th. I have about 210,000 weekly streams so I am making about $1,035 this month, which I will be paid for in July. Attached is a photo of my total earnings breakdown so far from Jasper Camber (in pounds). Thanks for reading about my earnings. I hope this is interesting to you.

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I am adding games to Uglek and I created a simple one to test out how it works before adding multiplayer features. I have added another topic, Games, where I will post games I write. This is a playable game, click to jump over the red square! Enjoy.

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Below you can play my game, WordSquares. The aim of the game is to guess the correct words by using the given letters and fill out the square starting only with the first letter.

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