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I added a new feature to the site which is part of some changes I am making to make the site ready to allow users to monetize their own content here. I have created a view counter which counts unique views (each user's view can only be counted once) for users logged into the site. This counter counts views every time a page is loaded with posts on it, for every post on the page. I will use these counters in the future to calculate how much to pay users who are posting content on the site and gaining viewership.

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I have added a suggested post preview feature to the website! Hopefully, it will be useful for seeing content you are interested in and finding the content you want to see again. The suggestions are random, three per page, and I did some work to make them relevant to the topic viewed and include them on various pages while excluding posts you already see on the page. These post previews show the 70 character page title, along with the meta description of the post, similar to a search engine. You can see them in the sidebar in the home, explore, topics and single post views. In the single posts, you will randomly either see posts from any topic or posts in the same topic of the post you are viewing (with a 50/50 chance). The suggested posts feature is live now, along with a few other features. I also added a share link feature which allows you to share links you view on the website, and made the selected page bold in the navbar. I really enjoy running a website because I can make so many unique changes and edit the code to have the site look exactly how I want with all the features I want. This has been an awesome experience so far. On a side note, I have noted that the captcha and email on the site is working very well, there haven't been any problems with spam as far as I can tell. The ReCaptcha integration works well with Django, protecting the entire site and keeping the forms secure. I knew this would take some time because Google isn't perfect and the ReCaptcha usually takes a while to adjust to new sites before it becomes more effective. Thankfully it is working well now. I hope you enjoy the new features on the site. Check back soon for more articles, photos and music.

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