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Spring blossoms in Seattle. I have been taking photos outdoors to use as album covers. I'm working on new songs and will post them here as soon as I have scheduled them for release.

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Flowers on the path around Green Lake, Seattle These are some beautiful flower beds next to the path around Green Lake in Seattle, Washington.

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A photo from Woodland Park in Seattle This is a pretty place to walk through on my way down to Green Lake. There are giant, beautiful trees, lawns and paths running through the park. This park usually has a lot of visitors all year round.

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Walking around Green Lake in North Seattle This is a great place to take a walk in Seattle, there's a lot of awesome natural scenery and sometimes animals even. The path is well maintained so it's a nice place to get some exercise on a sunny day.

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Another photo from Twin Falls in Washington This is a stairway leading down to a view of the falls. It's a really beautiful hike, and fairly easy elevation.

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There are some monkey statues at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle Washington. This photo was taken on a walk near Woodland Park.

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This is a photo of some stairs on the hike to Twin Falls in Washington. Twin Falls is a beautiful hike with lots of natural sights to see and awesome falls.

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