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I haven't written a whole lot about how I make music. I've discussed the basics, the software I use, but I have yet to get very detailed into the creative process. I wrote a blog post a while back about it, but even that wasn't as detailed as it could have been. My creative process always starts with either writing lyrics or composing music. I either have some compelling lyrics, or I have a strong instrumental I begin with. The next step is mixing the two, which always involves making changes to both. The changes improve the sound, and make it more presentable, Sometimes a song needs a piece of vocals moved around or an instrumental needs to be repeated more or less. I'm always making this sort of change. I often add to my music after I have added the vocals. Sometimes I think another part is fitting and I compose it directly over the music I already have. This seems to be the basis of my creative process. I write and compose, and then I combine the two. Sometimes, however, I have lyrics written and I start from a blank slate with the music. Sometimes it's the other way around, and I have a song written without lyrics, and I end up adding the vocals on top of the song that is already written. Overall, my process of making music varies. Thanks for letting me tell you about it. If you want to read more, check back later and I will have more written on the site along with more media.

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I began my career in the music industry as a backup singer and instrumentalist working with other artists. I first began releasing music independently in 2019. The first song I released, titled "Overture" by Jean Jasper, has steadily been rising to fame as a catchy and unique independent cinematic instrumental. With over 170,000 streams on Spotify, it is a quite successful first piece for me. I wrote the song in Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS) using custom synthesizers and MIDI I composed. It took me some time to make small tweaks and changes until I got everything sounding the way I wanted it, though overall the song wasn't too hard to write. It has five parts plus a simple drum beat, with the first part being low, legato notes. The second part comes in the mid to low range, joined by the third in a high range, and then a midrange part completes the song. The chords meld surprisingly well together, even though the song isn't particularly loud. I always wanted to make instrumentals like this. Ever since I was young I worked hard to learn to write music so I could write instrumentals like this and share them with my following. If you enjoy music like this, let me know in the comments. Thanks for being a listener. Listen to the instrumental on Spotify here: open.spotify.com/track/3pz4Cmy1stfCuq9J3kFd2o?si=8WBZmgfaTYC_BITxSAZ4bQ&nd=1

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