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Two Player Mini Golf This is a two player mini golf game you can play online with a friend through Uglek. Challenge a friend to a game of mini golf in real time. To play with another player, first have them follow you, then go to the invite link at the bottom and invite them. They can then join a game and play against you. To invite a friend: Invite your follower Please enjoy this simple mini golf prototype! I will update this game with more features and art but for now I'm going to keep this prototype online.

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I am adding games to Uglek and I created a simple one to test out how it works before adding multiplayer features. I have added another topic, Games, where I will post games I write. This is a playable game, click to jump over the red square! Enjoy.

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Below you can play my game, WordSquares. The aim of the game is to guess the correct words by using the given letters and fill out the square starting only with the first letter.

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