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This is a bear piggybank I created for storing my spare change. You can download it on my other website! I like to make 3D models in my spare time, and I have a large collection of pieces I have designed. I don't think there's really a market for most of my designs yet, but maybe one day I will create something useful people will be interested in.

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I designed a 3D printed chain, as seen on this cat. The chain prints all in one piece, with the segments attached to each other. However, finishing the chain after printing requires some work. The chain prints with a lot of support material, so the support material has to be cut and pulled away from the print to create a working chain. However, as visible in the below picture, the chain is functional and relatively robust. I draped it over a cat for the picture. Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures of this chain at the moment, but I may print another one in the near future. I've been having a lot of fun with my 3D printer designing and printing various things including this pretty awesome chain. Thanks for checking it out.

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This is an origami twister I folded. Currently there's a snowstorm in Washington so I'm inside staying warm. I'm going to share the latest single I scheduled for release today.

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I designed this unicorn a while ago as a gift. It's a really fun little model, and you can download it yourself for editing and printing or view it live on my other website.

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This is called "Five Intersecting Tetrahedra", and it's made up of just that. Each of the five tetrahedra is interlocked using only paper, and they are all nested inside each other connected to each other. The first time I folded one of these it was mind-boggling putting it together, but after some practice, I was able to put it together with no problems. This is one of my favorite origami models.

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I make 3D models sometimes in my spare time. The way I do this is pretty unique, I draw them by writing code in software called OpenScad ( This may seem complicated, but it's easier than it looks. With some shapes, such as this vase, designing the model is much easier with code than by hand or by using another CAD software. This is because it's easy to create a sine wave shape and manipulate it with code (it's just a simple function to draw the vase). This model and more can be viewed in 3D on my website at… I'll post more interesting models here and on the above website as I create them. What should I draw next?

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