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  1. No spam - Please do not use bots or other software to post spammy messages. This can lead to post and account removal.
  2. Be nice - Please treat each other with respect. Bullying is not tolerated, and will lead to post and account removal.
  3. Be old enough - You must be at least 13 to use this website.
  4. No NSFW content - Suggestive posts, nudity, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, violence, offensive and otherwise or NSFW content is not allowed.
  5. Post quality content - Please post high quality content on this website. Posts with excessive spelling errors, broken links or offensive images will be removed.
  6. Post original content - Post content you own the rights to, content not under copyright unless you hold that copyright.
  7. Use a valid email - Users with an undeliverable email address may be removed.

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