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I know I haven't been the clearest about how I actually make music in OpenChords. This is because it's hard to get it on video. Some of the time when I use it it doesn't sound that great until I play it back. What I spend time doing is trying different chords to see which one sounds better. This isn't that great, musically speaking. I should just know the name of every chord I am writing and its inversion. I am learning this, but it still takes me some time to get it right. I can't always do it perfectly on the first try. I've found what's really fun, however, is adding eight chords to my screen and then tapping them to play them like a piano. I can make an incredibly wide variety of music just by doing this for a few minutes. It's a lot of fun to play like an instrument. Here's a bit more detail about how I do it. I start by selecting a key, tapping the letter C and then the key I want, and then tapping major to select major or minor from the list. I then pick a combination of major chords and their inversions, sometimes changing the octave according to the pitch of the resulting chords, and add inversions of minor chords. I've found that minor chords sound better when inverted, perhaps because they resemble major chords when inverted. I write a progression of chords that seems logical to me, something that feels like it flows together. It's more of an intuitive thing than something I can really describe in writing. To really see what it's like making music easily, visit OpenChords at https://intersexmusic.com/openchords

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