How to make a website ADA compliant

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How to make a website ADA compliant I was recently asked by a friend about how to make a website ADA compliant. After doing some research investigating this, I found that it is possible without too much difficulty. The ADA is an act that requires websites to be compliant with guidelines designed to make the site useable by people with a disability. There are several tools online which can be useful in making a website ADA compliant. WebAIM is a helpful tool, as it checks the website for accessibility issues and shows the code that needs to be fixed. For this site, compliance was as simple as fixing contrasts, adding transcripts, alternative text, and adding titles to links. The main fixes that needed to be made were making text on buttons and the navbar higher contrast. This website should be ADA compliant now that I have made these changes. It's also better to have the changes made, as it makes the site easier to use and more informative. I have found this text.rsplit(' ', 1) to be very helpful in Python, as I can take a certain length of text and get all but the last word (which was cut off). This is how I fill in alt descriptions and titles.

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