Being as I added titles to posts, I need to make a change to some...

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Being as I added titles to posts, I need to make a change to some of the existing titles to make this work well. Titles need to be less than 70 characters to be optimized. I will be adding titles to most of the longer posts to make them search-engine-ready, and I have already done some of this. You may notice this is causing posts to get out of order, not to worry, this will only affect some of the posts. Actually, further looking into this I discovered there is a good way to add titles without having to make them on the first line only. To do this, I used an if statement checking if the length of the first line, the title, is 70 characters or under. If it's not, use text.rsplit(' ', 1)[0] and the first 67 characters of the line followed by ... in the title. This takes all but the last word of a string that's too long for a title and then adds ... to the end of it. This keeps titles under 70 characters and they don't need to be separated from the rest of the content. However, if you don't want a "..." to show up at the end of your post, use a title on the first line 70 characters or under. Also, note that the description is recognized as the second line.

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