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What is flask framework? A Flask application is a Python module. The applications which are typically built in Flask can have all sorts of data in them. Flask is a very flexible framework and you can build very complex web applications that can handle dozens or hundreds of different objects and protocols with very little code. This flexibility comes from Flask's use of Pythonic syntax and its use of the wt library for handling remote APIs. So why isn't Flask better than Django? I think the key difference is Django's focus on developing large, complex web applications that adhere to the Django model, as a number of sites (including jQuery), Django Mix, and other Django projects describe. This sort of framework has proven itself to be very popular and provides a number of benefits. However, you can write applications that behave and behave similarly with incredible flexibility very well in Flask as well. This sort of flexibility is what is needed in a web framework, and that's what is going to win many developers over to using Flask, as I already have been. One of the things I really like about Flask is that it is geared towards building small applications that should probably be portable across operating systems and different distros. This is great for small projects that don't have a lot of code, and can therefore be written in an efficient manner. The most common way of writing Flask applications is through the Flask "duck" style API, which focuses heavily on clean separation of concerns, and most importantly: caching. With Flask you can register a handler for each and every HTTP request a client makes. You can also register additional handlers for sub-requests within a "request". You can then setup all your code so that only one HTTP request at a time will be handled. So if your web application has a whole bunch of requests in it, you don't have to worry about accidentally forgetting to log in or something like that because if you make one request, Flask will log you in. All of these different handlers can have their own handlers for different HTTP methods, for example, POST, PUT, etc. I built this site using Flask, and it's a good way to post the content I want to share and let others do the same. I have all the URL handlers I need to run a convenient and easy to use social API I am sharing with you. I hope you enjoy this work and take some time to comment and share with your friends.

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