What is social media?

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What is social media? Social media refers to websites, mobile apps, social networks, social bookmarking, live video streams, cloud services, and any other information services that connect diverse and disparate social networks. Users usually interact with social media via chat applications that allow real-time communication. It is helpful to view the dynamic engagement that social media offers as an opportunity for learning, social interaction, and conversation. Users may become exposed to new ideas, ideas about potential partners and collaborators, educational content, event information, job opportunities, and community information through social media. These interactions can form meaningful relationships and can lead to new opportunities for professional growth and personal empowerment. Social media provides a voice for people and encourages them to influence and create positive change in their communities. That is why it is sometimes referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution because it is the next evolutionary step in human and computer interaction. The level of social media participation may differ among users. A "casual" user may only use the services for entertainment, while an "institutional" user may use social media as part of a public relations, marketing, or corporate communications strategy. It is important to note that people do not have to use social media in order to be part of the "social revolution" and can use media for professional or personal purposes. Some people (e.g., students) may use social media for personal pleasure. Social media is part of the information world and it can be viewed as part of everyday life. That is why it is called “everyday media." Such media is needed for the survival of a business, communication, and society. Some of the more popular social media services are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Facebook is the most widely used social network, with 1.37 billion active users in 2013. Twitter is the second-most popular social network (with 328 million active users in 2013) and LinkedIn is third (with 200 million active users in 2013). Social media is fundamentally about connecting users across the globe and making it easier to share content and information. Social media is the delivery mechanism, while the content, such as news, information, and blog posts, is often the real content. A key feature of social media is that it connects people while being primarily visual. Generally speaking, social media allows people to express themselves in a number of different ways, including by sharing, liking, commenting, linking, and blogging. This can include content that is visual, such as photography, pictures, and videos. Through technology, social media also allows people to learn from each other. For example, Twitter has a partnership with the Poynter Institute to run “#PressReady” programs to help journalists develop media literacy skills. These programs will teach reporters how to use Twitter, how to use various Tweetdeck modules, and how to identify false information. Social media is a new way of interacting, interacting together and interacting socially. Uglek is a new way to do this. Please enjoy Uglek socially, post and comment here, and message your friends. Thanks for gaining a better understanding of social media here.

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