Over a year in the making, I have generated over 1 million Spotify...

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Over a year in the making, I have generated over 1 million Spotify streams This is between my three artist profiles, Intersex, Jasper Camber, and Jean Jasper. I have three profiles because I have changed my artist name and I wanted to separate my instrumental music from the music with vocals. My portfolio of music is growing, and I am looking to get placement on playlists for it. When I manage to get placement, I will post about it with links here. Thanks for making these projects so big for me. I'm looking forward to what comes next. Listen to Intersex on Spotify - open.spotify.com/artist/3AoAlwjVdJAdkjr8ACsVkZ My upcoming album, "Quarantine Recordings" by Jasper Camber is scheduled for release and sent to stores. It will be released on February 27. The attached song is from the album, and it's a unique instrument that pushes the boundaries of the genre-melding piano, synthesizer, drums, and more to create an uplifting, euphoric soundscape. This album will be available on this site for free. It will also be on streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. I'm going to continue releasing more instrumental albums this year as the year progresses. Spotify has a playlisting dashboard which seems to be the way to get on playlists, so I'm going to use their dashboard to pitch some of the songs to playlists, and hopefully I will get some placements. It would be really good to be in instrumental playlists on Spotify, as I would get streams from the playlists and algorithmic playlists. If I'm not able to get on playlists through Spotify, I will submit my song to free playlists online and try to get placement and promote the album otherwise. I want to try to make a living from my music soon, so I have been focused on promoting it recently. I should be getting paid this month for my streams back in December, and I am going to invest the money I make back into my music and make more. It's a real challenge to make money in the industry but so far I have really enjoyed the process. I don't know if I am doing everything right and there are probably better ways I could be doing things, but soon I should be making enough to support myself. I'm committed to my art, and I feel like that's what it takes. I hope you enjoy the below sample from my upcoming album. Remember to check it out when it's in stores on Saturday, February 27!

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