Spotify lets you write a 500 character playlist pitch

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Spotify lets you write a 500 character playlist pitch This playlist pitch is designed to to put your song in front of playlist curators. For my upcoming album, I wrote this pitch: "I wrote this song using Ableton and Native Instruments, as well as software I created called OpenChords (" title="Visit this link (it will take you outside of Uglek)"> I blend piano, synthesizer, drums, strings and more to create unique, energetic and psychedelic instrumentals. I will promote this music independently with advertising, and I run two music focused sites I use to promote music, and I plan to promote any playlists this song is added to on my websites, valued over $30k (" I wanted to highlight how I made the music because I make music in a unique way. I use my own software. I also wanted to highlight how I promote it because that's unique too. This time around, I'm promoting my music on this website. I'll be posting more about the music up until the release date, and interacting with fans here. I'll also do this for future posts. If you have any good ideas for pitching songs to Spotify curators, please let me know in the comments.

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