I'm sharing another previously unreleased song with you today.

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I'm sharing another previously unreleased song with you today. This song is a part of my upcoming album, "Quarantine Recordings" by Jasper Camber and it will be on Spotify on the 27th of this month. Please give it a listen if you're interested, it's a really pleasurable track to listen to. It's an instrumental meld of various instruments I typically use that is very melodic and cinematic. I've been making a lot of music like this and I'm really excited to share it with you here and on other streaming services once it is released. I will be promoting this song as well, so you should see the stream count take off shortly after release and I'm sure this song will quickly become one of my most popular releases. I'm thinking I might try to have my single, "Mask" go gold through streaming. All I need is 75,000,000 streams, and I already have 1/150 of that only a few months after promoting it. It's quite possible I will be able to have the track go gold within the next 10 years. I am certainly interested in this, as adding a gold record to my collection would improve my image as an artist. I look forward to sharing more content from my next album as the release date nears. Please stay tuned here for more updates, and I encourage you to comment and post here as well as share the site with your friends. It's good to see I am getting a little community together on the site.

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