I have made some useful changes to Uglek. Now you can delete...

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I have made some useful changes to Uglek. Now you can delete messages, with a delete button on each message in your inbox and a confirm delete page. As well as this, I changed the register page so it will automatically log you in when you sign up, no need to put in your password again. I have also made fixes to the way users are deleted, with all of their messages, posts and comments deleted whenever a user is deleted. I won't delete a lot of users, but it's important to have a good user deletion system for keeping spam off of the site. Now I can keep the site spam-free in just a few clicks, instead of having to delete each post, user, and comment. Please let me know if you see spam on the site and it isn't removed promptly, I will tend to this and remove any posts that violate our rules. It seems lately there have been some spam posts in Russian, I'm not sure what that's about, but all suspicious posts and users are removed from the site for the time being. I'm starting to build up quite a large database of posts and users, and I hope more people will join in the near future. Currently, not a lot of ads are showing on the site, but I will serve more ads within the next month or so as I post more content to the site. Yesterday, the site had 355 page views according to Google AdSense, so hopefully, these should be worth something. I think this is really good considering my previous site had nowhere near this many pageviews, despite my working hard on the site. This site is a lot more engaging though, so I see why it is more popular. Users can be more interactive and there's more to see on the site. I have even more photos from my travels I am going to share here, with captions so you know what the photos are about. These are from travels in Washington, around Europe, and in Alaska. I'll also share about my college work, as I am going back to school soon online. I'll be taking classes in computer science, English, math, and more to get a degree in the computer science field. I want to work with computers in my future, and I already have a lot of experience and projects working with computers, and I would like to get more experience. That's why I'm going to go back to school. Music is great, but I still want to get a degree and have a day job until I am ready to fully support myself from my music. I haven't been working for the past few months, and have been relying on savings and income from my music to support me, but I will be working again soon. Unfortunately, this means I will have less time to spend on this website and on making music. I'm not going to stop making music or posting here though. I am still going to build my online presence and work hard to make this a great place to enjoy new content.

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