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I added tagging, so tag other users in your posts! Just use an @ and then their username, like @Jasper_Holton to tag anyone in your posts. I also changed the buttons a little bit, the rainbow buttons were hard to read so I changed their color to pink. I think this makes it a little bit easier to use the site, as it may have been difficult to see what the text on the buttons said before. Hopefully, it is easier to read the buttons now. I have noticed that sometimes profile photos and other images posted here rotate incorrectly, I'm not sure of a good way to fix this. I have noticed that square photos seem to work best of all and they don't rotate incorrectly. Maybe I'll add a rotate photo button in the future so it's possible to rotate directly within the app. For now, I suppose it will suffice to make the photos square. Tagging users in posts is a good way to connect people a little bit more easily in the app, as it doesn't require writing a whole link just to link to a user profile. I'll add more social features like this, even groups in the future, to make the site a better social experience. I'm also working hard to create a good user experience on this site and ensure there are no problems. The site has been approved for Google AdSense, so you should start seeing ads here within the next few days. I'm curious to see how well this site will do compared to my other one, there will soon be a lot more to this site. My other site hasn't made me very much money so far, but I think this one may be more successful as I can generate more content quickly and do this through the app. I will update within the next few weeks with my stats from Google AdSense so you can see how well the page is doing. Thanks for tuning in.

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