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Digital Marketing for Independent Creators Digital marketing can be a challenge for the up and coming independent creator. Whether you're trying to market your content to a large audience and make money from it, encourage users to make their own content and distribute it through your software, or you run any other sort of website, digital marketing is a challenge to execute properly. This is because so many of the major companies in the digital marketing area take a lot of the revenue from publishers and advertisers. Companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter charge significant amounts, starting at $0.01 per click, to market goods and services. Additionally, digital micro-transactions like music streams and ad views only pay fractions of a cent. This makes it a challenge to make money from the major revenue streams where a lot of people are making money. Despite many of the large digital marketing seeing little profits for Independent musicians such as myself, smaller digital marketing agencies can often help. I use a site called to promote my music, a relatively small company based in London. This company provides listeners for my music at an affordable price which allows me to grow. They can provide them at a good speed too, almost 200,000 streams per week. This also leads to revenue from my website, because users go from my spotify profile to the website and see more content. While it is a good idea to look to smaller companies for help in digital marketing, the larger services to have their place as well. They come at an economy of scale: With 100 page views a week I might make 13 cents, but that might cost me 50 cents in advertising with Google Ads to achieve. However, if I can get enough pages and enough page views on this site (really engaged users), I could make $1.30 per week for the same investment. This doesn't seem like a lot, but as I get more users interacting with this site and using it, I should be able to make real money from the site. In conclusion, digital marketing is a challenging yet achievable task for an upcoming independent creator. It's important to know where to look for services and help, and it's especially important to know when to use them. I'm holding off on advertising this site until I have more content, because I want users to be able to spend time on the site and see what sort of stuff is here before they post on their own. Having seed content is important. The picture below is my stream counter for the last week. Are you a digital marketer or does your business use digital marketing? Let me know in the comments.

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