I updated the timestamps on everything so they are easier to read....

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I updated the timestamps on everything so they are easier to read. I want to make the site as easy as possible to use, and good looking, so I can attract users here and get them to share content with the community. I want this to be a place where more people than just me share articles, pictures, videos, audio and thoughts. I know the server isn't the fastest, it could be better, but I think it's enough to get me started and it only costs $5 per month to have it up and running. It will cost me more though, once I have more users to serve all of this content too. I'm hoping with the compression and reformatting I'm using, the sight won't be too data intensive (it shouldn't take too long to load, or use too much mobile data). For now I'm mostly posting text and images here. I want to make some sort of a video of the site, especially when I get more content on here, and showcase the features of the site as well as some of the best content. I've been writing a lot recently and this site is really taking my writing to the next level because it allows me to easily post my writing from anywhere I want and edit it. It's also a good way to share photos with you. I need about 20 more posts before I can get this site monetized with Google AdSense. I'm going to look into ways to get users engaged on the site once I have AdSense implemented, because then I can monetize page views on the site and hopefully start to see a big of a profit from it. I'm also going to try to post SEO ready content here to grow the user base organically and rank pages on Google. There's a lot to making a site like this. It's been an interesting journey so far, and this time it's been going a lot better. I still have to remove a few users and posts, but it's much more manageable than last time so I'm not really worried about it. Hopefully my current backlink profile, the sites linking into my site, doesn't prevent my site from ranking well. The content on here is much better than it's ever been, so I feel like at least some of the pages here should rank. I know it takes some time and lots of good content to rank though, so for now I'm focusing on creating high quality content. I'm also making money from my music, and investing back in that. So far I haven't been paid from Ditto Music for this month yet, but I'm expecting to be paid within the next week or so and my payment information is all ready. It's really exciting to be on board for such an awesome journey and get to have this experience of selling my art and work on the internet. Thanks for following my journey here.

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