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Social Media Websites and Social Media Analytics Social media is a very powerful interactive digital mediated technology that facilitates the generation or sharing/exchange of information, concepts, opinions, career objectives, and various forms of social expression through virtual networks and communities. The first popular social media platform was Friendster. On this site, individuals can create their profiles for free, search for friends, send and receive messages, post photos, and engage in various conversations. This community had attracted many users who found it a great tool to get to know different people from all around the world and also as a way to make new friends. But then, it did not last long; Friendster gradually became a niche product and now, Facebook has emerged as a far more powerful social media platform with millions of users. As social media use is increasing, the marketing strategies it employs are also adapting to this change. A lot of companies have their own social networking departments now. It is a wise choice to tap into this sector. The social media market is highly competitive, with Facebook far outshining all other competitors. To ensure success, it is essential to have a social media plan that is customized to meet the goals and objectives of your company. YouTube is one of the largest social media networks, which has millions of active users. Most internet users visit YouTube to watch tutorials, music videos, movies, and television programs. Since almost everybody is using the internet these days, YouTube is a great platform for business to advertise their brand and reach out to their target audience. Businesses can create their own YouTube channels and interact with their target audience. These businesses can also upload videos related to their products, services, brand development, and events. Twitter is another giant among the social networks, with more than 400 million users and growing daily. Unlike YouTube, it is better to have a channel on Twitter that is more conversational and interactive, rather than one that is purely promotional. A great way to effectively advertise on Twitter is to have a Twitter contest or promote a product through promotion and advertising on Twitter contests. Having a contest on Twitter promotes two-way communications between the advertiser and the customer, which are the general social media best practices. It also encourages the customer to engage and participate on Twitter. One of the most popular social media networks, LinkedIn is used by both corporate professionals and freelancers alike. Users can share their professional experiences and connect with other business professionals around the world. Many people hire freelancers nowadays to get an edge in their business. But even if you do not hire someone, you can still use LinkedIn to build connections and form new partnerships. Most successful businesses have had connections through LinkedIn. The use of social media platforms continues to grow at a rapid pace, as more individuals rely on mobile devices such as smartphones to access the internet. With the increase of smartphones in the market, web-based social media websites and social media analytics are no longer an optional activity for businesses. Rather, they have become a necessity for businesses that want to engage consumers on a more personal level. By offering a more interactive platform through social media, businesses can make their customers feel more connected and help them take part in more personalized interactions with them.

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