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Wildfires Break CO2 Emissions Records in 2021 This year, wildfires have caused record carbon dioxide emissions, higher than ever before in nearly two decades of satellite data. 2021 has been a year of climate-related disasters around the world. The landmark report by the United Nations on climate change, released Monday, August 9, confirms that the planet cannot handle the human influences civilization is causing and the climate is only going to get worse. These record-breaking wildfires, triggered by heatwaves are being tracked by Earth observation satellites, some owned by space agencies and some private. In California, the Dixie Fire has become the largest wildfire in the history of the state. It has destroyed more than 700 square miles of land (as of August 8) and has forced people in affected areas to evacuate. In Siberia, out of control wildfires have broken annual records for greenhouse gas emissions. While wildfires in Siberia are less often covered by the news, they are the most worrying. The sparsely populated area has released over 188 megatonnes of carbon since June according to CAMS. The area has almost lost 19,300 square miles of land to the fires, according to estimates at the end of July. These fires are warning signs of the growing climate problems the world is experiencing. They are also contributing to the climate problem, with the greenhouse gasses being released by the fires contributing to global warming.

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