July 2021 Was Earth's Hottest Month on Record

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July 2021 Was Earth's Hottest Month on Record According to NOAA'S National Centers for Environmental Information, July 2021 earned the record for the hottest month to date. This reflection of the massing climate crisis is a stern reminder that we need to act quickly to combat climate change. "Addressing the climate crisis is a top priority for the Biden Administration and NOAA is and will continue to support that work", says NOAA Administrator Rick Spinrad. NOAA is working hard to provide scientific information, tools, and services to help understand climate change and face the future of our climate. Spinrad notes that "It is a sobering IPCC report that finds that human influence is, unequivocally, causing climate change, and it confirms the impacts are widespread and rapidly intensifying." NOAA is stressing that human impacts on the environment are causing climate change, and things are only getting worse. We are seeing a reflection of the worsening climate change situation in higher temperatures this year, breaking records. The combined land and ocean surface temperature was 1.67 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th century average of 60.4 degrees F, 0.2 degrees F over the previous record set in July 2016, and tied in 2019 and 2020. More work needs to be done to work to solve the worsening climate situation. These record temperatures are caused by human influence, and the climate will continue to worsen until we switch to renewable energy sources.

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