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You can now pay a small monthly or yearly fee and subscribe to Uglek for an ad-free experience and soon-to-come features including a stock market app. I am also working on adding pages for displaying stock market data and implementing stock trading for subscribers using the Alpaca API. With this, I plan to enable manual and automated trading features, along with stock market prediction data from S&P500 companies. Supporting Uglek will help me add these features and keep the site operational for the future. It's only $3 per month or $25 per year, and Uglek will keep your content and privacy secure as well as provide a seamless user experience without any advertisements. Ads help keep Uglek free, but subscribing is an even more powerful way to support Uglek. If you'd like to subscribe, please visit uglek.com/checkout/ or tap the image below. This is the checkout page.

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