How I Built a Social Content Site With Email and Google News

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How I Built a Social Content Site With Email and Google News For the past few months, I have been working on coding a Django website. I have built several websites in the past, but have never attempted to build one at this scale and add all the features I wanted until now. What I created is a Django app. The app shows the content I post, along with spam-protected user-generated content, organized by topic or group. My posts from one topic, news, are published to Google News as well. And when I want to send an email to users who are subscribed to my newsletters, I can send an HTML email to every user with the click of a button from my site. I can also moderate content on the site, removing posts, comments, messages, and users if necessary. I am a self-taught programmer, I dropped out of college to learn programming and music on my own. I built this site from scratch using help I found on the internet, including Corey Schafer’s youtube tutorials and the Django documentation. On the site, users can do a lot, and the site serves ads to make some revenue from its users. Users can even play javascript games on the site, and invite their friend to a two-player game. There are also a few single-player games available. The site is quite robust. It’s protected from spam and is easy to administrate. I can post content on here and see my impressions and clicks in Google News, some of which generate impressions and clicks visible in my Google Adsense account. This generates revenue and is valuable to keep my site online. Users on the site can create an account (after filling out a captcha), verify their email, and post their own content, from stories, photos, and audio, to video and games. Users can also post links, and tag other users in posts. They can follow other people and build their own following, as well as message each other through the site. If you are interested in the full story, and more about the site, please visit (Below: The front page of

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