SpaceX Successfully Launches Military Satellite with Reusable Booster

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SpaceX Successfully Launches Military Satellite with Reusable Booster If you have been staying up to date with SpaceX news or watching the webcast, you know they are making major milestones in spaceflight. On June 17th, SpaceX flew its second mission for the US military and sent a GPS satellite successfully to orbit. The booster landed successfully on the drone ship Just Read the Instructions. A few months before the launch, the US military announced contracts to permit SpaceX to fly "national security" launches on these flight-proven boosters. This hasn't been SpaceX's only achievement, as in recent years they have also sent GPS satellites, cargo for the International Space Station, and astronauts to space successfully using reusable boosters. SpaceX decided to launch a flight-proven booster and spacecraft carrying astronauts for the first time ever, a major step for the company. SpaceX has been operating for more than four years, with 92 consecutive successful launches and 67 booster reuses. As more military GPS satellites near completion, the military will likely award more contracts to SpaceX in the future for these flight-proven, reusable spacecraft.

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