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A New Place for Social Content Many sites already exist where users can share photos, stories, and even play games with their friends. However, most of the sites we hear about are larger, corporate-run organizations that don't necessarily have the user in mind. A new site in the game, with all these features and more, aims to change this. The site, Uglek.com, is built with the essentials of online communities and news platforms combined. With easily organized sections for user-generated content as well as groups, games, messages, and a self-curated feed of content, you can find a lot of useful features on this site. The site is also quickly gaining popularity and is driving engaged traffic. Built with Django, the site is a sleek and robust application, employing features to keep it secure. With email verification and spam protection, you can be sure no accounts are fake and the community is wholly human and alive. Uglek is protected from fake and malicious users, so it's a safer and better place to share public content than Facebook or Instagram. This website is free to use and shows some advertisements to pay for maintenance costs. There's some great things to read on here, and if you're interested in an independent, clean online community, you should visit Uglek.com.

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