Which Social Media Platforms Are Most Popular?

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Which Social Media Platforms Are Most Popular? Which social networking platforms are the most popular? This is an interesting question for many reasons, and answers are hard to come by when you only have anecdotal evidence from users of some of these platforms. You can certainly look at overall daily and monthly active user stats on any platform but what about the individual platforms themselves? In this article, we take a closer look at some of the most popular social media platforms and how they stack up against each other. China is the world's largest internet market, and one of the biggest reasons why Facebook and Google dominate the top spots on the charts is because they offer a huge array of services that are not available on other platforms. Facebook dominates the top slot with its over 500 million daily active users. It has recently started offering mobile apps in China, giving it a massive foothold in the ever-growing mobile industry. Google's Android OS is also widely used in China, and although Google doesn't dominate the search engine rankings in China the service offers a huge amount of potential. China has grown into a global leader in eCommerce, hosting an incredible number of web stores that allow users to access stores and browse through goods from all over the world. We recently saw an increase in eCommerce sites based in the U.S., mainly due to the rise of China as a manufacturing and exporting destination. Amazon has recently launched its second app in China, allowing customers easy access to its catalog and buying options. The next most popular social media platform in China is obviously Instagram, currently gaining over a hundred million users a week. The site started out as a way for college students to upload pictures from their school years, but it has since expanded significantly. It is currently the top app on iPhone and Android devices worldwide. Millions of people use Instagram regularly to share photos, and it has recently been bought by Facebook for a whopping $1 billion. The third most popular platform is Snapchat, which was founded by high school students in the autumn of 2011. Snapchat works much like Facebook, with daily active users increasing every year. Snapchat uses an integrated QR code scanner to give users access to special applications, and the recent purchase of Snapchat by PayPal highlights the growth of this fast-emerging service. Snapchat also lets users see what their friends are up to, giving them a view of their real estate, and providing a chance to become involved with them via messaging. The most recent addition to the most popular social media app list is LinkedIn, which was founded back in 2002 by professional connections of LinkedIn's founders. Since then it has grown to include millions of professionals all over the world. LinkedIn's unique role as a professional networking platform means that there are constant discussions taking place on this system, with connections adding and removing people as they please, hence the growth of its popularity. In fact, some people say that the rise of LinkedIn could be linked to Facebook's announcement that it will be adding chat functionality to its site. In July it was reported that the amount of LinkedIn members has reached six million, making it the biggest social networking platform for professionals at present.

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