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Uglek is a social online community for professional content. You can create a profile with your username and add content you want to share, like photos from nature hikes, music, games, or posts about various topics. Many posts link to playlists on Spotify so that you people can find new music as well. Videos and audio are supported, making Uglek accessible for many different users who may not be able to use other platforms due to accessibility concerns. When you comment on posts, it's possible for other viewers to reply back - this gives both sides the opportunity to have a conversation and learn more about each others' opinions! There are many topics to explore and the community is divided into topics, usually, one word that sums up what's discussed but sometimes several words about a topic. For example, there is one topic all about nature hikes and another that's just for posts in general. Users can create posts with a topic or leave it blank. Users' profiles can be viewed and they're able to like, comment on posts, follow them, and build a following of users who see content they will share. There is also the opportunity for both sides of a post conversation to learn about each other's opinions! Uglek is a social online community built around professional content - profiles and posts that are SEO optimized.

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