Attached is a new song, "Lookout" by Jasper Camber. This is a song...

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Attached is a new song, "Lookout" by Jasper Camber. This is a song I was on the fence about releasing. I wrote it last week, and I liked it, but I wasn't sure it was ready yet. I decided to release it anyway, as I like how it sounds and I think you will enjoy it. I have attached the song to this post. The song is an instrumental meld of synthesizer, drums, strings, and more. I tuned the synth I used, Pigments, to create wavy, pulsating chords which flowed nicely with the strings and drums. I am releasing this song on Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, and more stores on April 27. I plan to put together another album in the near future, but for now, I am releasing some of what I have and working on making more new content. I am also releasing another instrumental song on April 30, and I'll post about that later this week. Please give the song below a listen by clicking the play button below the image. Update: Pre-save the song with this link:

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This is the <500 character pitch I am submitting to Spotify. "I am submitting I created this song using synthesizer presets I built from scratch, adding carefully configured sampled strings and an electronic drum kit. I plan to promote this song on Spotify through my social online community, Uglek, where I share my music and microblog style posts with photos. I share this site along with my music on my social media, with nearly 5,000 followers total. I had 12k users last month, listening to music and seeing my posts."

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