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Please enjoy this song I created last year which has been immensely popular on Spotify. The song is short and catchy and has over 500,000 Spotify streams. You can listen to it by pressing the play button below. I created this song by starting with a simple yet popular drum beat with drum samples I liked and then adding a piano crescendo followed by a synthesizer bassline. I added piano to this along with a drone played by another synthesizer, keeping the drumbeat going through the song. I closed the song with the piano chords. The album cover for this song is a picture I took of a plant at a place I used to stay. I hope you enjoy this short and enjoyable listen. There's a lot of content I have been meaning to share here and I am slowly getting it uploaded. You can certainly expect more posts here in the music topic, with previously released content as well as new unreleased content. I look forward to sharing my music with you here.

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