Once again it is coming up on my payment runs from Ditto and...

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Once again it is coming up on my payment runs from Ditto and RouteNote. I will be paid my Spotify royalties from my three profiles, Intersex, Jasper Camber and Jean Jasper. I had a lot of streams in the last week, and my weekly popularity is increasing. I am releasing more content every month and will continue to build my profiles with instrumental and vocal music. I'll post more about my payment run and let you know how much I make when it happens. I'm not sure when this will be yet, but it's usually around the first to second weekend of the month from Ditto, so I might be paid the 9th or 12th. I will be able to see my royalties on RouteNote on the 15th and they will be paid out by the 18th. Attached is a screenshot of my Spotify stream counts for Jasper Camber. This is my most popular profile, with over 100000 streams this week. I'm really excited to be in the music business because it's an opportunity to make money independently and do what I enjoy. It pays to work hard and invest in myself and I'm looking forward to where this takes me. There's an awesome future ahead.

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