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I am releasing a song on April 15 called "Uglek" by Jasper Camber. It's a meld of instruments including piano, synthesizer, drums, and strings. I am moving down to Seattle on April 15 as well, and have been staying down here for the last few weeks. I'm excited to be more a part of the music scene here in Seattle, and busk sometimes to promote my music and work. I hope you enjoy this short and engaging instrumental, I have created many of these and it's fulfilling to see people are hearing them. I have had over 30,000 streams between my two profiles on Spotify today and yesterday, and my popularity is steadily growing. I plan to invest the money I make back in my career and establish a brand that I can use to promote shows, merchandise, and music. The music streaming platform https://spotify.com has been an awesome platform so far for keeping my art securely available and helping me make a profit from it. I will continue to make a profit from my music on Spotify and grow my fanbase as well as reach new listeners. I haven't been able to make it onto any Spotify playlists yet, but I am submitting songs to free playlists again so hopefully, they will make some money there. I'll post links to playlists with my songs on them here when I get some free placements. Enjoy my song. Thanks for reading.

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