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I was paid from RouteNote today for my first music project, Jean Jasper. They paid me $58.36 for 26,742 streams or about $0.0021823349 per stream. After a cost per stream of $0.00698, my net profit per stream was $0.0014843349 and $39.6940838958 so far. This doesn't seem like a lot, but I have over 260,000 streams on my first song, "Overture", which should pay around $400 for the streams I have so far according to these calculations. I'm going to invest the royalties I have made so far back into this music and continue letting the money grow. Within the next few months, I will have exponentially more royalties from my music as I have had some spikes in revenue. Attached is a graph of my streaming royalties from RouteNote. This includes all streams, which I mostly see on Spotify, NetEase, Instagram, and Facebook.

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