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Buy a Custom Website

Get a custom website for your business or personal use.

Starting at $100

Tier One

Simple, static website. Ideal for businesses that don't need interactivity, just a business page with contacts, information, and photos.

Tier Two

Basic website with simple interactivity, modals, and user logins. Ideal for small businesses that don't need complex interactivity or marketing.

Tier Three

Complex website with email marketing. Ideal for small to mid sized businesses, campaigns, and websites that need basic marketing features and many pages.

Tier Four

Complex website with email, SMS, webpush, Google News, and social marketing features. Good for mid-size businesses with marketing needs.

Tier Five

Advanced website with security options, scalable design, image and video uploads, comprehensive compliance features, bluetooth capability, 3D rendering, negotiable options. Ideal for scientific and industrial needs in large scale businesses.

Tier Six

Advanced website with facial recognition, biometric security, advanced login, custom authentication, barcode scanning, machine learning and more. Preceding features included. Ideal for large projects and governments. Multiple options available.

Buy a custom website developed by Uglek. Billed one time. Consultation and custom design services included, customization services available on request. Website upgrades available. Guaranteed maintenance for at least five years included, additional maintenance available on request.

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