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Buy an ID Scanner Plan

Scan IDs with your phone using compliant, easy to use software.

Only $0.50/Scan - Free Demo

Tier One

10 Scans/Month

Tier Two

20 Scans/Month

Tier Three

40 Scans/Month

Tier Four

100 Scans/Month

Tier Five

200 Scans/Month

Tier Six

400 Scans/Month

Tier Seven

1,000 Scans/Month

Tier Eight

2,000 Scans/Month

Tier Nine

4,000 Scans/Month

Tier Ten

10,000 Scans/Month

ID Scanning (ID document scanner) plan services are provided with proprietary software within the limitations outlined in the plan. The ID Scanner is compatible with most smartphones, including Google, Samsung, iPhone, Android, iOS, and many computers with webcams. The ID scanning and reporting is provided with IDWare software, an industry standard for ID scanning compliance. Monthly reports provided through email. Custom options available on request.

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