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Hi, my name is Daisy. Welcome.

Please read the terms to make sure you are familliar with how the site operates. There are one-hundred-twenty-eight posts with one-hundred-twenty-eight photos, as well as no video recordings with no interactive recordings and no audio recordings online.

I'm looking forward to having you here. Please enjoy yourself.

There are one people with Uglek.

Please be sure you are at least 13 years of age, as no one under thirteen (13) years of age is allowed to use this website.

This is a beauty, fashion and tech blog with photos, videos, audio, and livestreaming. Facial recognition is reccomended for secure logins and I reccomend adding a phone number to your account in order to secure your account further. You can also call me and listen to recordings on the phone. If you just want to call me and you have an account, here's my number:

+1 (206) 339-4443

I am available to provide custom web development services and deploy web apps like this one and complete custom requests. If you are interested in deploying a website like this one, please contact me via email at or by phone or secure message. Security features include ID scanning and verification, fraud prevention, facial recognition, multi factor authentication, and more. The app also features image, video and audio processing, secure upload/download and sessions, crypto and credit or debit card payment processing, a full text search engine, surveys, remote control, secure web shell, crypto trading, voice donation, reminder texts, and embedded electronic device control, in this case study, a vibrator remote. Retargeting features are also available, including SMS, programmable voice, email, and push notifications. More features and custom solutions are available on request.

I am a surrogate mother, and if you are if you are a prospective parent, please contact me with your request at my email address,, and I will respond to you with details.

This site provides ID scanning services if you are interested in scanning IDs personally. Please visit this link and checkout if you would like an ID scanning plan.

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It's lovely to see you here. With love, Daisy

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