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I fixed the like button so now you stay on the same page you were on when you like a post, no more jumping to the post page. It saves your place too! This should make likes more functional.

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I made a fix to the meta descriptions of the posts, they should be better SEO optimized now. This involved adding an if statement which selects information from the post to include in the description based on what is available. This should help with the ranking of the site. I am going to resubmit to Google soon and I have submitted it to Bing. Submitting to Bing is much easier because I can just submit a list of my new posts (up to 100 per day) and they are automatically indexed.

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This is another picture from twin falls. The falls are just up this river!

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We did packraft this river, further down though!

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Looks like a great place to pack raft!

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These trails are beautiful but there was some flooding and we had to turn around! Just north of Cape Disappointment.

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