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I was paid for the month of December in which I had 35,535 streams on the profile Jasper Camber and made £78.33 (British Pounds). This means I was paid 0.00220430561 pounds per play or 0.31 cents per play. This is better than my last payment, at about 0.3 cents per play. Attacher is a breakdown of how many streams I had in my top countries. I hope this information about how artists are paid is interesting to you.

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I'm making about 500 dollars a month on Spotify. I'm going to post more about my latest payment run today, with screenshots from Ditto. It's great to see people are listening to my music and it is gaining in popularity. So far, my popularity has spiked on several occasions and I have made more than this. I will also probably need to wait some time for my investment to grow to really establish my career. This should happen swiftly though, as I already have a million Spotify streams.

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Listen to the best of my music so far by clicking the link below. This link is a Spotify playlist containing music from Jean Jasper, Intersex, and Jasper Camber all by myself. It's a relaxing and upbeat instrumental and vocal collection. https://open.spotify.com…

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I am releasing a new song on March 22nd called "Social Network" by Jasper Camber. You may listen to the song by clicking the play button below the photo.

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Twin Falls, in Washington This is a picture from the twin falls hike in Washington. It's a beautiful hike with forested switchbacks leading to beautiful waterfalls.

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There are some monkey statues at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle Washington. This photo was taken on a walk near Woodland Park.

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This is a photo of some stairs on the hike to Twin Falls in Washington. Twin Falls is a beautiful hike with lots of natural sights to see and awesome falls.

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This is another song from my album as pictured below.

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