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This is a song I wrote last year called "Acupressure". It's a relaxing instrumental with an upbeat tempo and features a meld of drums, guitar, bass, and more. You can listen to the song by clicking the play button below the image.

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This is an older piece I recently decided to release. It's an instrumental composed of mostly electronic instruments which incorporates some of my older styles. As such, it's called "Old Style" by Jasper Camber. The album cover for this instrumental is a photo I took at Greenlake in North Seattle, featuring some geese. The song will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal on March 29. Listen to the song by clicking the play button below the image.

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Have a listen to a song I wrote by clicking the play button below. This song is called "Road Trip" and is from my first album by Jasper Camber. You can also listen on Spotify by searching Jasper Camber.

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Flowers on the path around Green Lake, Seattle These are some beautiful flower beds next to the path around Green Lake in Seattle, Washington.

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A photo from Woodland Park in Seattle This is a pretty place to walk through on my way down to Green Lake. There are giant, beautiful trees, lawns and paths running through the park. This park usually has a lot of visitors all year round.

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Walking around Green Lake in North Seattle This is a great place to take a walk in Seattle, there's a lot of awesome natural scenery and sometimes animals even. The path is well maintained so it's a nice place to get some exercise on a sunny day.

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